Boombl4 talks to NAVI about its future in CS:GO after Antwerp Major

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Ukrainian sports organization Natus Vincere (NAVI), one of the most famous and respected names in the competitive games world, had to make some changes due to the recent Ukraine-Russia conflict.

NAVI CEO Evhen Zolotarov said the following about the company’s future in a monthly interview with The Washington Post. “We (NAVI) will not work with people living in Russia and paying taxes in the Russian Federation..

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Since then, concerns have been expressed about the future of NAVI’s main CS:GO game, which consists of three Russian and three Ukrainian players, including a manager.

at 17:00And May announced on the official Telegram channel Kirill. “Boombl4” Mikhailov – The leader of the NAVI game before the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, spoke with a Ukrainian organization about his future in CS:GO.

The future of Boombl4 in CS:GO at NAVI is currently undecided

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More than two months have passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the situation for the two countries involved in this disastrous conflict has deteriorated further. This has also had a noticeable impact on the sports industry, where teams and organizations are experiencing unprecedented delays in operations and management.

NAVI had to make some tough choices with its founder, Alexander “Squirrel Gravity” Kokhanovsky serves his country by participating in the war on the Ukrainian front.

After Zolotarov’s strong statement, the organization has already severed ties with all Russian CS:GO players who are part of the academy team NAVI Junior.

The future of all Russian players on the main NAVI roster is still shrouded in uncertainty, making many of the viewers worried about what lies ahead for one of the strongest CS:GO formations in the world.

Boom notification 4

Zolotarov previously stated that NAVI is ready to assist in the transfer of players who do not share the Russian Federation’s policies, but as Boombl4 announced in the next post on his Telegram channel, this is not enough to convince some players wholeheartedly.

This is two days before the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, which is expected to kick off at 9 PM.And from May. While his current goal is to compete in the Major, Boombl4 went through a tough phase that included the divorce announced by his wife of 21 years. Reconciliation took place a few days later in April26And April.

As for his future with NAVI, he is still on the air and as the player himself stated, it will be discussed and decided on the Antwerp Major’s charge. NAVI will appear in action from the Legends level, which will last from the age of 14.And up to 17And May.

Source: AFK Gaming

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