NIP wants 1 million euros for device and starts talks with Astralis

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Speaking of Nikolai, everything gets even more interesting “device” Ridtz, who is reportedly looking for a way out of Ninjas in Pijamas (NIP) sooner or later.

It seems that the Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pijamas (NIP) is demanding a ransom of approx. 1,000,000 euros ($998,685 or INR 7,94.16,000) from CS:GO teams interested in signing talented AWPer.

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In addition, Jackson reported that talks are continuing between NIP and Astralis. Although the device is still in its early stages, it really wants this transfer to work out by expressing its desire to return to Astralis and marking it as its priority team.

Report: NIP charges a transfer fee of approximately €1,000,000 in initial negotiations with Astralis for equipment

Earlier, it was reported that several relevant CS:GO teams contacted the device following the current organization’s decision to consider opportunities outside of NIP.

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Most of these offers were simple in cases where the organization or team wanted them to be on their active roster. However, there was a special case when an upcoming organization looking to get into competitive CS:GO wanted to sign him along with other Danish players.

Three weeks later, Daniil seems interested in returning to his old Astralis club and that will likely be his top priority right now.

NIP is also interested in sending the player inactive since last December. With that in mind, NIP is reportedly starting talks with Astralis that are still at an early stage but have the potential to turn into something in the future.

According to a Jackson source, he demanded a ransom of about one million euros. “A fair market price that isn’t much more than what NIP is buying.”

He still has two years left on his device contract with NIP, as he signed a three-year contract in April 2021.

Device setting in CS:GO FACEIT

The 27-year-old takes his game on FACEIT seriously, playing CS:GO intermittently since February 2022 and has been taking a more serious approach since earlier this month. But then again, is that enough to justify the alleged transfer fee?

It’s worth noting that last year’s device really has a lot of value and promise based on its name, whereas now that it’s been out of the competitive scene for longer, there’s a huge cloud of uncertainty over its gameplay and performance. Mid season.

Source: AFK Gaming

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