[Watch] M0NESY’s easy 200 IQ trick to trap enemy players is in 2

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No, this is not another CS:GO bug utility trick from Ilya this time “M0NESI” Osipov. The ruthless shooter decided to switch to something better to inform the public about the right game that could be more useful.

During a recent Twitch stream, m0NESY showed off a really cool trick that’s easy to do, and it might not work very well on the pro scene, but it’s a really neat and effective move that casual gamers can perform from time to time.

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All he needs is an AWP and a stun grenade, a helpful teammate and you’re really good at wielding ranged weapons. If all pieces fit, this trick will get you a piece in the first 10 seconds of the round and give you a really early 4v5 advantage.

This awesome trick from m0NESY easily tricks enemy players in Dust 2

One of the oldest and most iconic Counter-Strike maps of all time, Dust 2 can be a challenging map where players know all the tricks from the book. So some new easy tricks that are perfect for bars, like the m0NESY just shown, are on the way!

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Talent can be used effectively when playing as a forward. All a player has to do is purchase an AWP and a decoy grenade, then tell your teammate to jump off the central T ramp and land on it while chasing him. .

As you prepare behind suicidal-stacked crates, throw the notorious grenade that explodes as you jump and sounds like an AWP shot – get in and be ready to take down anyone looking through the middle door.

That’s exactly what m0NESY did, he was easily taken down in the first five seconds of the round. This is a very simple trick that takes 10-15 tries to perfect and so regular players can use it multiple times per game or use it as a special trick for a round grip.

It can vary by player and can be used to gain an advantage in different situations.

Source: AFK Gaming

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