Team Vitality and FACEIT launch French hubs in CS:GO

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Team Vitality signed a partnership with esports giant FACEIT in early September. It allows the build to reveal many new features for French players. FACEIT is an online competition platform that encompasses more than just organizing tournaments. 26 million users. The Saudi Arabian Foundation, owned by the crown prince of the kingdom, bought the building earlier this year. Thanks to this collaboration The French team Team Vitality can now create the first French CS:GO hubs on the platform.

This innovation makes it possible to create a safe space for CS players and gather enthusiasts on a professional platform. Team Vitality will use this space when developing a fan clan Find new players and organize tournaments in France. In this way, hubs will make it possible to see professional teams. France’s top 5 will be sent to the FPL (FACEIT Pro League) Challenger QualifiersAnd it will have the chance to join the biggest local league where the best players are trained and watched by big teams including Vita.

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Players can also compete against French CS hubs or international fan clans Various awards Such as Hive store items, gear, cash rewards, or FACEIT points. Click here to learn more.

Source: Eclypsia

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