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Found CS: GO Agent Skins and Player Models with different Hitbox sizes


A major hitbox balancing issue between various player models and agent skins in CS:GO was discovered by a user named ‘.breathless‘.

The difference between the largest (SAS) and smallest (Professional) player model head blocks, according to a detailed user study using a program that calculates all head volumes it creates and shares. 16.75%.

This is very important because it causes the bullet to hit the side CT (SAS) player model head while hitting the same spot on the T (pro) side without the player model head.

The user continued to share all their findings through this experiment, and has lifted the veil of the great inconsistency that has been in the game for the past seven years since the release of the “Reanimated” hitbox update for CS:GO in September 2015.

Hitbox size balance issue found between various agent skin heads and player models in CS:GO

The size of the hitbox is nothing more than the surface of player models that can be damaged when hit by a melee or ranged weapon.

In a competitive shooter like CS: GO, it is crucial that all agent skins and model hitbox sizes are the same to maintain competitive fairness in professional and casual games.

Representation of Hitbox in CS:GO agent skins and player models

However, this is not the case, as Ansimist discovered, who calculates the masterbox volume of all agents in CS:GO with a program he created himself. As a result, there are distinct differences between them that can affect gameplay.

The representative group with the largest hitbox is SAS, and the smallest hitbox is the Professionals. Here is a more detailed explanation of the difference in head hitbox size between different agent skins and player models (from smallest to largest head to head):

  1. Professionals – 16.75%

  2. pirate – 11.27%

  3. FBI – 10.32%

  4. Separatist – 10.01%

  5. SWAT – 8.95%

  6. National Gendarmerie – 8.95%

  7. GSG9 – 8.60%

  8. ST6 – 8.16%

  9. IDF – 8.16%

  10. SEAL Frogman – 8.16%

  11. Phoenix – 7.54%

  12. GIGN – 7.05%

  13. Balkans – 6.08%

  14. Anarchist – 5.02%

  15. Elite Crew – 0.22%

  16. Guerrilla – 0.22%

  17. SAS – 0% (reference to all other calculations)

You can find the full results by clicking here (Google Docs).

Additionally, since every CS:GO map has a predefined faction associated with attacking and defending sides, this knowledge of the difference in headshot box size helps determine which maps are the most stable and unstable.

Elite Crew and SAS are their own factions in Mirage, the most unstable map in CS:GO; Vertigo, Agency and Breach are the top picks, include Professionals and FBI.

For more information, you can refer to a user-posted Google document and an Ansimist YouTube video on the subject.

Source: AFK Gaming

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