[Watch] F0rest accidentally discovered an amazing chimney in Mirage

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Mirage is one of the oldest CS:GO maps that has never left the “Active Mission Map Pool”, which means players have been actively competing on the map since the game’s launch.

Despite being the most played map in regular matches and players sharing it with every useful formation possible, it’s a mystery how you keep discovering a new trick every few weeks.

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This time the legend himself, Patrick “F0 rest” When Lindbergh came across foul smoke on the Mirage, he blew the smoke “from below” into “B Short”, which surprised even him.

F0rest accidentally discovers an ingenious chimney on the Mirage

Sometimes gamers, especially professionals with a lot of experience in the game, do something brilliant that leads to great gameplay, but can only be done in a particular situation.

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In this case, however, f0rest has discovered something in the game that hasn’t helped him at all, but seems invaluable for other players to trust and quickly add to their cheat arsenal.

Playing T in Mirage, f0rest quickly made his way to “A-Site” over “Underpass”. To successfully make this push, the defender had to cover from the “short B” corner if he was in that position.

During the flow, or maybe it was instinct, the rest blew smoke into the chair, this smoke splashed and descended towards the ‘short B’, covering his back perfectly and letting him finish the run.

Smoking without rest in Mirage

Despite being hit right away by another player holding “Jungle”, the excitement on Relax’s face as the smoke descended on him was enough to show how great this game was.

All in all, if anyone can find a consistent roster that allows players to breathe that smoke, it will be really useful and also has the potential to be one of the most used rosters in the region due to its viability.

Source: AFK Gaming

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