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G2 Esports rules the world again after Ocelote’s departure


If something doesn’t work, you tend to change it something. If your mouse doubles Click, you buy another one; If one exercise routine isn’t helping you, try another, and if you’re not happy in your job, find another.

Sometimes it’s easy to make these changes but other times something that fails is not visible but rather entrenched and it’s really hard to leave it behind and if anyone knows about this it’s definitely G2 Esports and the workers’ club.

It’s been over 4 months now Carlos ‘Ocelot’ Rodriguez left the club he founded in 2013 and reformed back into the samurai in 2015, all for a controversial video which unfortunately he does not regret.

G2 Esports: in mourning

And while G2 Esports has always been a successful club, the Ocelote theme was marked one before and one after for the organization, as it was omitted from the VALORANT VCT, the most prestigious competition in the shooter in this 2023, as well as the loss of the LEC in the summer of 2022 and the awakening of distrust in the community.

As we said at the beginning, if something doesn’t work, you change it, and the changes are good. And boy are they, because G2 Esports From that moment on goes like a rocket and has reigned once again in the world of esports.

The samurai are one of the best teams in Europe in LEC (in fact they play the step to the grand final against KOI) and are, at present, the best CS:GO team in the world after emerging triumphant from Katowice.

G2 Esports wins its first CS:GO Major Cup

And now, after winning Katowice and the CS:GO BLAST, G2 Esports has won again a title that dominated years ago with an iron hammer, literally: are Rainbow Six: Siege World Champions 4 years later.


The Europeans won the title in Montreal after beating w7m esports 3-1 in the grand final, completing a dreamy final month for the organization, which once again feels like the king of the world after these titles.

In VALORANT they are the best team in their group in the LCVin Rocket League they are the top 4 of NA and the best teams in the world, not to mention their women’s sections of LoL and VALORANT, industry references.

Ocelote confirms it will no longer be associated with esports
/ ocelot

And the reality is that Ocelot did well in G2but also a lot of bad ones and most importantly the samurai are taking off again in the various electronic sports.

Source: Esports AS

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