Counter-Strike 2 seems to be a fact and the beta is supposed to arrive at the end of March

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If there’s a game that’s managed to indirectly unite multiple generations within the video game world, it’s that one. Counterattackthe legendary shooter developed by Valve.

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made through a mode from Half Life, the Counteras we all call it has been present in the lives of 99% of video game enthusiasts no matter how old they are.

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Of the eldest like me, who live in the era of cybers with colleagues nearby to the youngest who, admittedly, don’t quite appreciate it, but free CS:GO can become addicted.

A classic among video games, Counter-Strike is a legendary title within esports, being one of the pioneers in the creation of this competitive sector, with tournaments running since the early 2000s.

Now, two decades after its release in 1999 and more than 10 years after the last major update, Global Offensive, it seems that the time has finally come. counterattack 2 and no, it’s not a Half Life 3 level joke.

Richard Lewisone of the most renowned and respected journalists in the gaming and esports industry, wouldn’t publish an article stating that Counter-Strike 2 It will arrive soonwith a beta at the end of March 2023.

In the article that he himself publishes on his own medium, he confirms that after many rumors Valve would have put the batteries in development and would launch this second version through a beta this year.

Nvidia, a well-known one softwarewould have come in your last update of drivers the exe of an alleged CS2 and CSGO2, confirming in a way that they are preparing for what is to come.

This counterattack 2 would have a noticeable graphical update as well as an improvement in the matchmakingexiting many applications and plugins from third parties like Face-It when it comes to making the game competitive.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The big question the community is asking is whether they are going to improve the servers and whether they are going to keep the tick of 128 as VALORANT has, something Valve could match to compete head-to-head with the shooter from Riot Games.

We remember that CS:GO is more alive than everthat breaks its player record on Steam almost every week, establishing itself as one of the most followed esports, not now, but always.

Source: Esports AS

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