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The incredible CS:GO data: double all games on Steam


No need to repeat the obvious, as we’ve said it many times before: Counter-Strike is a living legend in the video game world and one of the culprits that made esports what they are today.

He shooter Valve is sweet in this 2023 and who would say. A dead game for many; to others a title whose hours were counted by VALORANT; but for the faithful, the best game ever in its division.

And maybe none of them are right, but yes the data. Steam has A page who shows statistics of all his games and learns that, week after week, CS:GO breaks its own record for simultaneous players.

CS:GO arrived on March 11 at 1,416,861 simultaneous players, a historic record achieved not only in February 2023, but also in January.

But this isn’t the most surreal thing about a video game that’s more than two decades old. The impressive thing comes when we compare it to other Steam games that also have a competitive facet.

CS:GO has averaged 770,000 players in the past few hours, doubling its next rival, Dota 2, with over 330,000 players. Others, like Apex Legends or PUBG, have 250,000 or 220,000 at a time.

Still far from the absolute PUBG Steam record, with over 3 million simultaneous players, CS:GO continues to break records and be very careful because if Source 2 and Counter-Strike 2 is confirmedyou can inflate the data even more.

Source: Esports AS

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