Counter-Strike 2 is official and will be released in Summer 2023

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The rumors have come true. Although more than rumours, it could be said that they were clear confirmations. There is no press release yet and no actual title information on any official account, but the YouTube account of Valve uploaded several videos making the announcement: Counter Strike 2 is official and will arrive in summer 2023.

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Valve has done it this strange way, even though it was news expected by everyone. The company’s footsteps have been closely followed since the release of the first details. Data has been collected in recent days. Is it going out today? Will it go out tomorrow? It’ll be a few months before we see it, but the good news is that it’s real and wasn’t in our heads.

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The date of launch is summer, but everything seems to indicate that the time is right for the launch. Some may think it is late, but the mages come when they are due.

As I was writing this news, Valve has made it official in a more elegant way. Their Twitter accounts have already published the hit.

There’s more. Not only will the game be out in the summer, but the limited test is already running today. A selection of players will be able to test the game. Counter-Strike 2 will be too totally free and it will come in the form of update of the current base.

We’ll have to wait until the summer months to know the details to the max, but Valve is already warning that it’s “the most significant technical breakthrough in Counter-Strike historyIt will “enable them to integrate features and updates for many years to come.”

Source: Esports AS

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