Madness for Counter-Strike 2: Even Neymar ‘cries’ over one of the betas

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We’ve been saying for a few weeks that CS:GO was at its best historical moment and it wasn’t a joke: the shooter had come to break his own record on steam peaking at 1,416,861 players.

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In recent days, the game has enjoyed an average of 1 million simultaneous players during the day, a real frenzy that was also encouraged by the Valve’s biggest announcement in the past decade.

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Counter-Strike 2 is a fact and will be released in the summer of 2023establishing itself as a free video game and a direct update of CS:GO, without having to pay anything extra.



Valve’s new game won’t be available for open play until the summer, but you can play a closed beta. Here we explain howAlthough we already foresee that it is quite complicated if you are not a professional.

The hype for CS2 is so high that in the last two days since the game’s announcement, CS:GO numbers on Twitch have skyrocketed, being the most viewed category in different areas.

streamers such as Gaules, xQc or Shroud have the beta closed of the game and more than a million hours of views in a few hours, in addition to the fact that the CS:GO category has reached 5 and a half million views in the last few hours.

That’s the fever for CS2 and the hype for playing it than even one of the most famous people in the world has begged Valve on Twitter to give him a beta. the very neymar he tweeted tearfully about a beta.

“Send CS2 to dad @Counterstrike. I never asked you for anything,” Ney said with a smiling face, publicly revealing that he’d like to try Counter-Strike 2 in closed beta as early as possible.

The Brazilian star is one passionate about CS and shooterbesides the fact that he shares a passion with many of his friends and also with professional players from Brazil, so we sense that You have already tested the beta.

He’s a good friend of the likes of Fallen, one of the Brazilian legends of the game, and he’s sure to get along with Gaules, the pennant largest Brazilian in the world, so some code will have already been dropped.

Source: Esports AS

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