Dupreeh and the legendary record only he can hold in CS:GO

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Counter-Strike is perhaps the most competitive and fiercest esport in history, requiring the highest reflexes, resilience and patience combined with a need for exemplary skills, reflexes and professionalism.

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Either in 1.6, in the source in the global offensive, the Counter is he esport rey in terms of validity and that is why hundreds of players have gone through the different tournaments in history and only a few have reached Olympus.

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Winning a Major, attending Katowice or winning a professional league can be considered reaching the top, but also Dupreehactive in CS:GO since 2012 when he was 19 years old, that’s all child work.


Peter “Dupreeh” Rothmann

Peter Rothmanhis real name, has incredible stories about his career, like the time he was able to dedicate his victory in a Major to his late father, her fetish tournament.

And not because he is the player who has won the most Majors (4), along with dev1ce, Xyp9x and gla1ve (the legendary Astralis), but because He is the only player in history to have gone to ALL CS:GO Majors..

You read that right, everyone. Since 2012 there have been a total 19 majors and Dupreeh has gone to 18 of them and will go to the 19th in May when he will attend the BLAST Major 2023 in Paris.

It’s a record no one will ever reach, even when Dupreeh retires, because if he stops competing in a Major, he’ll have accomplished something no one in esports history has done.

His highest record even taking into account how difficult it is to be in the elite of Counter-Strike, one of the games that requires the most training time and especially where the competitive level at the top level is very high.

Dupreeh was also the first player in history to rack up more than $2 million in tournament winnings, according to him liquidpediaso it is clear that he is not the best in history in terms of ability, but he is in performance.

Source: Esports AS

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