Anne Banschbach: “I wouldn’t want to face Team Vitality with the Golden Hornets in attendance”

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Team Vitality took to the skies in their homeland of Paris and won the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major. The Bees go down in esports history with this milestone, automatically positioning themselves as the first major opponent to beat when the jump to CS2 is made.

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On the occasion of this Major, we had the opportunity to speak with Anne Banschbach about both what this event means for Vitality, for France and for the city of Paris, and about the future of the game.

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Anne Banschbach

Anne Banschbach

—What does it mean for Team Vitality to play such a big tournament at home?

The fact that this Major coincides with both the 10th anniversary of competitive CS:GO, the first CSGO event in Paris and the 10th anniversary of Team Vitality means that this Major was very important to us. We are incredibly excited and honored to be a part of this. It was also a great opportunity to launch esports initiatives with our partners. For example, the V.BOAT, a boat in the colors of Team Vitality that sailed down the Seine during all finals.

—Is it an extra pressure or do you think it’s an extra motivation for the team?

I think these things go hand in hand. Playing in front of a home crowd gives a lot of power, but can also cause extra pressure. However, our guys are very well prepared, both because of their experience and because of the performance team that helps them handle the pressure well. For example, our sports psychologist Lars Robl did a fantastic job launching the “Road to Paris” with the team and creating a long-term ambition for the Major. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t want to see Team Vitality in the arena with the Golden Hornets on the rise.

—Is it a turning point to create fans in France?

As you can see from the yellow crowd in the arena, France is our territory. Here we can show how big our French fanbase already is. Of course our goal is to expand it, but I think the Major is a good time to invite the rest of Europe and the world to become a fan of Team Vitality.

—Aside from Team Vitality, what do you think it means for Paris to have a Major?

It’s a great opportunity for Paris. Apart from events in 2019 with Worlds or League of Legends, Paris has not hosted any major esports events. This opens the door for hopefully more events, both small and large, and puts this on the map as a great destination for esports.

—Is France the Korea of ​​Europe? Why have esports had such an impact there?

I wouldn’t dare compare us to Korea yet; France is an esports enthusiast and has a great player base, but I think Europe is privileged to have some countries that are also incredibly relevant in the esports scene, both in CS:GO and other titles.

—CS:GO is he in good health? How does Team Vitality rate VALVE’s shooter?

CS:GO has had an incredible 10 years of competition. Now we’re excited to see the future of Counter-Strike in CS2! As for the VALVE shooters, they sure know what they’re doing. You can’t have a game this successful and relevant for 10 years if it doesn’t thrill players and fans alike.

Source: Esports AS

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