CS2 revolutionizes the weapon store and features a new loadout interface

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Valve promises great things with counterattack 2 And while it seems to many to be a simple facelift with better graphics, the changes in mechanics and key elements of the game already promise a lot.

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You can check everything that has been announced right here, because right now you can’t talk about anything other than the new CS2 storage and equipment system that have revolutionized social networking.

CS2 abandons the classic weapon selection roulette and introduces a new system of 5 weapons, depending on the level, either pistols, medium weapons or rifles, which can choose more variety than before.

In addition, the system of refund in store, which allows us to return a purchase that we did not want and take advantage of the money to buy another item, albeit only at the time of purchase.

That has also been confirmed beta Dust2 has been changed to Mirage and new sounds have been added for the FAMAS, as well as the inclusion of the steam workshops for fans to add custom content to weapons, stickers or graffiti.

Source: Esports AS

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