The CS2 effect is here: TSM returns to the Counter 6 years later

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The modern era of shooter in esports it’s more of a golden age, not to say historical, as electronic sports are mainstream although they have always been an important part of the ecosystem.

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Since Counterattack started its journey in esports, there have been hundreds, thousands of players who have experienced different leagues, some big and some legendary, like IEM Katowice.

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ESL One Katowice is handing out $300,000 in prizes

ESL One Katowice is handing out $300,000 in prizes

11 years ago, Valve launched Global Offensive, a modern re-release of Counter-Strike that quickly gained a foothold and succeeded in taking esports to the next level. shooter most famous out there.

Now, in 2023, Counter Strike 2 is coming out and this is going to change the paradigm of shooter again, with VALORANT competing head-to-head with the counter and other popular shooting games. And this TSM knows it.

The legendary North American team that was born in League of Legends go back to the counterattack: TSM has announced their comeback over 6 years later with an all-European staff.

The arrival of CS2, the triumph of teams like Heroic, Na’Vi, Vitality or ENCE and the growth of the community after the confirmation that the new version will be free have convinced TSM and its return.

What remains of 2023 will be impressive and we expect it to be What will the first major face-to-face CS2 tournament be like? And onlinebecause it will break records in an almost confirmed way.

Source: Esports AS

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