Ascent Community League, the first Spanish-language hub for Counter-Strike 2

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Ascent Community League It is the first Spanish hub Counter Strike 2 on FaceIt. He shooter Valve recently reinvented itself with a sequel, and Spanish-speaking fans and players needed a place to compete and have fun with the game.

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Synced And Elisa waves They are the visible faces of the project. The former is a veteran of Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Valorant. The streamer creates the new hub after being one of the important parts of the already closed hub x6tence. In fact, he was the first winner of the same in Counter-Strike. He is also a member of the team ZZ’ ROCKwhere various content creators come together to deliver League of Legends or Valorant.

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Elisawaves also belongs to the latter team and will of course be featured in the new FaceIt hub. The versatile streamer will be one of the familiar faces of the project, although Synced tells us that she will definitely achieve that there will be more creators known to everyone.

The first season of the Ascent Community League is about to begin. Each It lasts monthly and there are great prizes to be won.. At this point, they have reached an agreement with G2A. The company will give out various prizes, which consist of a financial amount that can be spent in the stores. We will soon have Black Friday and Christmas. And there are also major releases coming out in 2023, and the releases that are missing. A little extra money to spend on video games is always a good thing.

It is clear that the most skilled players will be the ones who immediately take the top positions. But if you’re not one of them, don’t worry: The server will have different levels so that all players feel comfortable with it. The main idea is a good atmosphere and maximum respect. And especially the pleasure.

If you’re considering joining but haven’t set up a Counter-Strike 2 team, don’t hold back. There will always be people like you, arriving alone, or a group of three or four people who need a player to complete the team of five. He matchmaking FaceIt takes care of it.

In the first seasons The hub is open to players from Spain and Andorra. This is so that the games run as smoothly as possible. In the near future, access will also be opened to interested parties from Latin America.

In the article we will show you the links both yours official Twitter account, from their Discord and of course from the hub itself, where interested people are already starting to sign up. See you on the server!

Source: Esports AS

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