Here’s how Cyberpunk 2077 works on Xbox Series S after a new patch

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The last few hours have been very busy. cyberpunk 2077who announced the extension phantom freedom Also, the arrival of an update from Netflix that includes content and other news based on the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime. In this sense, we can now say the following. How does Cyberpunk 2077 work on Xbox Series S after the new patch?. A patch that improves the performance of the game on Microsoft’s next-gen little sister, so that owners of this console can enjoy the latest innovations from CD Projekt RED in better conditions than ever.

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Above these lines, you can find a video review from the VG Tech channel, which focuses exclusively and exclusively. S-series version Cyberpunk 2077. The results are clear: the action RPG and the open world now work 60 frames per second 96% of the time, with a slight decrease. As with other technical innovations, low-intensity and poor-quality variable-rate shading can be found in textures, shadows, and NPC shadows on the streets. Comparison with the Xbox Series X version. It takes sacrifices to improve the performance of the mod.

CD Projekt RED says the Cyberpunk 2077 universe has a bright future ahead of it

Cyberpunk 2077 runs on Xbox Series S to hit 60fps Dynamic resolution between 1422×800 and 1920×1080, to get that Full HD for as long as possible. Note that Cyberpunk 2077 is already available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and other platforms, but the Phantom Liberty expansion is coming in 2023. Exclusive to next-gen consolesXbox One and PlayStation 4 have already been ruled out.

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Source: Somos Xbox

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