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Elden Ring surpasses 16 million games sold


Elden Ring continues to break records, with the Bandai Namco game maintaining sales numbers never seen before in a FromSoftware game. Bandai Namco’s latest financial report confirmed that Elden Ring has surpassed 16 million games sold worldwide. Elden Ring is clean winner 2022 After its release last February.

These Elden Ring sales figures only reflect sales through June, so Bandai Namco’s suggested figure of 16.6 million units would be higher today. The Bandai Namco title will remain nearly 20 million salesGames until the end of 2022. This sales figure can only be compared to the big triple A’s in the industry like Call of Duty or FIFA.

Elden Ring surpasses 16 million games sold

this Works by Hidetaka Miyazaki The conversation continues even months after it aired. this FromSoftware Games These are secret slots and varied challenges that celebrate the community and increase the longevity of the game. The next thing to expect from Elden Ring is DLC that will expand the game’s story or reveal the secrets that hide the coliseums scattered across the map.

FromSoftware has become one of the most important works in the industry in recent years due to its performance. The uncertainty about what the Japanese studio’s next project will be always raises expectations for them. Bandai Namco does not want Announce something soon He also knows that the goose with the golden eggs must keep her secret.

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