Tencent and Sony acquire part of From Software, will this acquisition affect Xbox?

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From Software has become one of the most successful studios in recent years by expert critics and the general public. The Japanese company’s work with the Dark Souls legend and the recent Elden Ring has made it one of the best studios in the business today, and it seems to have caught the eye of some of the hottest companies. big.

It happens to have been announced this morning Tencent and Sony buy part of From Software, more precisely 30% of the studio. This was revealed in an official document from Kadokawa Corporation, which so far owns all rights to the research.

Sony and Tencent will increase their stakes in FROM Software

14.1% from Sony and 16.3% from Tencent (Sixjoy)

Kadokawa still owns the majority of FROM Software.https://t.co/KucrLdEmJI pic.twitter.com/otn0Umtsxa

—Nibellion (@Nibellion) August 31, 2022

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Tencent and Sony acquire part of From Software, will this acquisition affect Xbox?

The document confirms that Tencent and Sony bought parts of From Software and exited the division. 16.3% of Chinese society and 14.1% of Japanese society.. As such, both companies are directly involved in the research conducted by Hidetaka Miyazaki. However, does this purchase affect Xbox?

Rumor has it Tencent could buy Ubisoft

The most logical answer is no. Although a total of 30% of the studio’s stock has been sold, they will still decide if the game will be released on Xbox, as the remaining 70% is owned by Kadokawa Corporation. .

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It looks like Xbox users needn’t worry about Sony buying part of From Software. Especially since Kadokawa’s document itself specifies that these resources will be used. Expansion of the studio into media such as anime and film.

Source: Somos Xbox

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