One of the main secrets of Elden Ring is revealed thanks to the community

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this don’t notice Elden Ring is still something to explore, even though the game has been out for over six months. The community continues to research item descriptions and various scenarios to uncover the secrets of the ancient seal that Hidetaka Miyazaki never wanted to reveal. In this case, the community was able to understand it one of the greatest mysteries hides one of the most emblematic characters, the witch Rani.

Rani the Witch is one of Elden Ring’s most beloved characters, and some have even dared to make a replica of the Witch’s image inside her doll. After much research, the Elden Ring community has learned why Rani has four arms. If you’ve played Elden Ring and met Rani, you know her soul is in a doll. The answer to why he has 4 arms, this baby’s body Snow WizardA character we didn’t meet in the adventure but mentioned in the description of some items and armor.

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One of the main secrets of Elden Ring has been revealed

This theory explains why Rani’s Four ArmsBecause the mage we met in Elden’s Ring had a direct relationship with Ran’s mentor, the Snowmage. This congregation theory can never be disproved as Hidetaka Miyazaki never discloses her games as she wants to keep it a secret and make people theorize.

The success of Elden Ring was huge and they far exceeded their expectations in terms of millions in sales. Players can look forward to the DLC which will help tie the story together and bring us a lot. Tell more about the characters of our time and of the past. It is currently unknown what Fromsoftware’s future plans are and what its next activity will be.

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