DjMaRiiO on Barca signings: “I can’t explain”

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No introduction is needed when it comes to DjMaRiiO. The popular content creator has been one of the main ways the FIFA franchise has entered the Spanish-language market. with More than 8 million subscribers On his main Madrid-based channel, he has taken the interwebs by storm with all kinds of videos about the success of EA Sports. Considering his career, this one managed to have an Ultimate Team jersey for FIFA 22 in 2022.

In an interview with FreeGameTips, DjMaRiiO tells us about today’s king of sportsFrom the famous players of “Barcelona” to those who feel all the emotions of Kylian Mbappe.

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How do you see Barca’s transfers?

It hurts, but it feels so good. They created an extraordinary model. They generally have two players per position. I can’t explain it, really. They were not going to sign anything, they were desperate and suddenly they created a team that still fought for the championship and the cup with famous levers. We will see the Champions League, these are big promises. Changing a lot of players does not mean you will win. You can already see it with teams like Paris Saint-Germain, it’s not all about signing, signing and signing. But yes, they are very well reinforced.

Robert Lewandowski, one of Barca’s biggest signings in this market.

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How did you feel when you heard that Kylian Mbappé had renewed at Paris Saint-Germain?

The first few days, especially the first moment, I almost felt like he was being stabbed because it seemed like he wanted to make his dream come true when he was finally going to sign. And I think it’s more pressure than anything else, I don’t think it’s because of the money, it’s going to be another two or three years. Yes, it hurts then. But Real Madrid won 14 championships without Mbappe.

Does the Paris Saint-Germain project entice you enough to go all-in?

He’s attractive because he has a great team, but he still doesn’t have a champion. They can clearly achieve this by fighting with the team they have. I don’t think the French league is an incredible draw for him.

Once your contract with the Parisians is up, would you be open to establishing one in the future?

I think the fans are going to be very upset when it all happens, and even today a lot of people don’t want that. But in football, eventually, in two or three years, if Real Madrid don’t win anything and Mbappe wants to come, if he comes in and scores a hat-trick, eventually people will avoid it. I think he will come eventually because I don’t think he will play his whole career at PSG.

Now let’s talk about it: Antonio Rudiger and Aurelien Chuamen. Are you excited about these supplements? Are you closing the summer market or looking to strengthen your position?

They excite me. Two very interesting players for defense and midfield, but I’m missing something higher. I think this season we rely too much on Vinicius and Benzema and if they don’t… Rodrigo has his moments of magic, of course, but there is a bit more to climb.

DJ Mario did not reveal Barca's leveraged transfers

Antonio Rüdiger (left) and Aurelien Chuamen (right) make their debut for Real Madrid.

We are coming off a season where Karim Benzema has been the undisputed leader on and off the court. It has been on the road for 35 years. Are you one of those who think it’s time to look for future proofing?

I think the figure of Benzema was respected a lot this year and they didn’t even try to sign Haaland because finally Mbappe could play on the wing and Benzema could be the base. But I think they didn’t put pressure on Haaland because Benzema was already there and they gave that importance.

This year you’re celebrating ten years of content creation. What moments in your career do you remember the most? Do you think your custom shirt in FIFA 22 is EA Sports’ endorsement of your figure throughout the saga?

Yes, I think it’s a way to appreciate all the work I’ve done with FIFA. Not everyone in the game has a set with your faces. As for moments, there are many. We made two games, all the videos with players like cristiano, messi, ronaldinho… also he was able to record with fernando alonso and rafa nadal, he took a lot of life with more than 100,000 characters, i know the number of people and youtubers… if I will stop. I think I almost forget everything I did.

It’s summer and that means the end of the virtual season is near. How would you rate FIFA 22’s cycle? Got a question for the FIFA 23 team?

I appreciate it. I think they should continue to listen to the audience and what they want, what they like and what they don’t like.

DJ Mario did not disclose Barca's leveraged transfers

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