Brazil won the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022, France 6.

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July 27-30, St. FIFA Nations Cup 2022. As part of this championship, which took place at the Bella Arena in Copenhagen, 24 teams from Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East competed for the $400,000 prize pool. The tournament ended with the Brazilian team’s victory. against Polish representatives in the grand final.

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Brazilian Championship got off to a slow start in the group stage. They managed to finish third in the group. Won four and lost three.

But in the playoffs, the team won. latter They defeated Spain (2:1), France (2:1), Italy (5:4) and Poland (2:1) in a row.what made him win 2022 FIFA Nations Cup and won $120,000.

Results FIFA Nations Cup 2022

  1. Brazil (Crepaldi10, Klinger, Phzin, Resende)
  2. Poland (Beyot, Demi, Furman)
  3. Sweden (Oliboli7, Ollelito, OpTolle)
  4. Italy (Danipitbull, ErCaccia, Obrun2002)
  5. Denmark (Marcuso, Superior, Vejrgang),
  6. France (Fouma, LPeixoto, NKantee),
  7. Portugal (Diogo, Rodrigo, Tuga810)
  8. Argentina (Matias, nicolas99fc, Iago).
  9. Israel (Feldman, NEissaT14, Yuval23x)
  10. Mexico (CRACKHEBER, Joksan, Luis Rayado98)
  11. Germany (DullenMIKE, Musti, Hope)
  12. Spain (Adrian Sifuentes, Andonippm, Zidane 10)
  13. Netherlands (Danny-Visser, Levy, Manuel)
  14. Canada (exraa, GoalMachine)
  15. England (MHaywxrd, Tekkz, Tom)
  16. United Arab Emirates (A7madals, iAlawe12, SalemXavi)
  17. Scotland (BigStuff, Marley, MichaelFisher20)
  18. Kazakhstan (aka nolito, zhasik)
  19. Morocco (ismaBdza, KinaneNabhani, Thuzay99)
  20. Japan (Agu, Kuromame, Web Nasri)
  21. Singapore (Amraan, Coon, Operation Essay)
  22. India (Charanjot12, Jenasid, Saranshjain7)
  23. Peru (Dms10, EnzoParedes, Magic JS7)
  24. South Korea (DokDoK, Serry7, Uzo48624)
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Source: Eclypsia

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