After FIFA, FC Guenignon diversifies slightly more in esports

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Our oldest readers know it firsthand FC Guenignon Before winning the League Cup final against PSG in 2000. Since then Tony Virel’s former club has stuck to the N3 of French football, but the esports division has struggled to find a place in Hexagonal. scene, scene After his first year in FIFA with his teamFCG esports manager has revealed expectations for the upcoming season.

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and at first The Rocket League roster was announced with the signing of two 17-year-olds, CYRADA and BOUNT7.represents the team. But the club doesn’t stop there and it will show Another app in another game in the next few days.

Last year was the first year of exams and studies. I wanted to play other leagues and games this season. FCG eSport will have a very different look, especially in terms of competition. We expect two new teams this season. Other projects are coming, we are working hard to make this project grow!

Meanwhile FCG has entered two teams for next season, One in Rocket League, the other in FIFA 23 with Chouket and Ubux, It is presented in small ProClubs competitions.

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Source: Eclypsia

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