Fortnite Season 4: How to Complete Week 1 Challenges

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Like every week Fortnite is back to bring a series of missions and challenges to the community. Their goal is to allow players to accumulate Battle Pass Pointsas well as offering additional information about the game itself.

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The challenges are available from fifteen:00 Spanish time on Thursday 22 September and ends next Wednesday. As usual, users of the battle royale from epic games They can enjoy a total of 7 missions, although they can find two more that will only be activated in case one of the previous ones presents unforeseen problems.

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 1 Missions

  • Drive different types of chrome vehicles (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 PE seasons
  • Deal damage to players using the Lever Action Shotgun or Suppressed Submachine Gun (0/350) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Roll a runaway rock with a slide kick (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Deal damage to opponents while sliding (0/10) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Buy an item from Pantera, Mancake or the Insurance Agent (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Vehicle Repair (0/350) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Open doors by loading on them in Hanging Condo and Unburdened Insurance (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Hunt various wild animals (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 Seasonal PE
  • Catch Fish (0/3) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE

As we mentioned before, the challenges are only available Until next weekso we recommend that you take advantage of the time to get as many experience points as possible.

Source: Esports AS

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