Rumor: MrBeast could be teaming up with Fortnite soon

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We’ve seen how in recent years Fortnite He has collaborated with various content creators in many different ways. For example, streamers love Ninja, TheGrefg or Lachlan They have their own skin.

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Now him battle royale from Epic Games could have another collaboration on the horizon. On this occasion would be the chosen one MrBeastwho is currently the largest youtuber in the world.

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And it is that, during the celebration of the recent FNCS Invitational 2022attendees could see an image of a Durr Burger next to a sign with the text “Mr Beast Burger x Fortnite”.

How could it be otherwise, this has led players to start all sorts of theories: since MrBeast could have its own skin in the game until MrBeast Burger, the youtuber’s burger chain, will add a Fortnite related burger to its menu.

The truth is that, at least for now, we don’t know details about the collaboration, but the second option seems the most possible if we take into account the figure of the Durr Burger we mentioned earlier.

Hopefully we can get more information on that soon. We will remain very alert to anything that may happen, so you can read all the news here at Movistar eSports.

Source: Esports AS

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