Fortnite Season 4: How to complete Week 10 challenges

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Like every week Fortnite is back to bring a series of missions and challenges to the community. The purpose of this is to allow players to accumulate battle pass pointsas well as additional information about the game itself.

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Challenges are available from fifteen:00 Spanish Peninsula Time on Thursday 24 of November and ends next Wednesday. As usual, users of the battle royale from Epic games They can enjoy a total of 7 missions, although they can find two more that only activate if any of the above presents unforeseen problems.

Fortnite season 4 week 10 missions

  • Deal damage to opponents with an evolved Evochrome weapon (0/150) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Use directional launcher in shiny ruins or in hanging condominium (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Develop Evochromed Weapons twice in the same game (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Destroy Sherbet Barrels (0/10) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Remain in a chrome state for a total of 180 seconds in a single game (0/180) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Register a Chest in Laguna Lustrosa and Cavern Descontrol (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Knock out players with a Cobra Designated Marksman Rifle (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Restores Health (0/250) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Shoot opponents with a shotgun and an assault rifle in the same match (0/2) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
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As we mentioned before, the challenges will only be available Until next weekso we recommend that you take advantage of the time to collect as many experience points as possible.

Source: Esports AS

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