All the news from Season 2 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite

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The Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4 released on Friday, March 10 and is packed with news, including the new star location: MEGA City. It’s a futuristic city with lots of quirks, but it’s not the only playable novelty.

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And it is that Epic Games introduced new vehicles. We have the Victory Crown Villaina two-person race bike with great acceleration, drifting capabilities and a beefed-up engine, and the nitro drifter, a car for four passengers in which you can skid through the bends with the handbrake. The bad news is that the dirt bike, powerboat, beastly off-road tires and deflector are back in the room.

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We will also have new weapons and there is one that shines with its own light: the Kinetic sheet. This katana has two attack styles, the Shock Attack and the Slide Slash, although the latter only has three charges that are released after a Calm down. In addition to this sword, three traditional weapons are coming. One of them is the Devastating assault rifle with silencer, fully automatic and with great precision. There will also be one Devastating Pump Shotgun and an Accelerated Pulse Rifle.

They return from the room Heavy Sniper Rifle, Cobra Designated Sniper Rifle, Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle, Combat Shotgun and all stolen exotic weapons. The Mastery Shotgun, Red Eye Assault Rifle, Dual Clip SMG, Tactical Pistol, and Splash Cannon are carried over from the previous season.

He sorbet becomes legendary rarity and allows you to quickly restore a large amount of health and shield in addition to shield. It can be found in the rooms that are opened with access cards, on the point of interest with portals, or in the supply depots.

There will be seven new reality augments — Stinky and Profitable, Treasure Hunter, Max Rush, Slide Ammo, Medium Ammo Booster, Shotgun Recycling, and Worthy Ending — and remain Fast Hands, Extra Bullet, Acrobat, Everywhere Splash, Jellyfish, Tracking, Shadow Assault, More Parkour, and Degree among locksmiths .

As for MEGA City, It is notable for scroll bars that allow you to quickly navigate between buildings. The best part is that you can also shoot from it, so that we will enter into exciting duels at full speed.

It won’t be the only new location and in the southeast of the island you will find locations in feudal Japan that give a traditional touch to MEGA’s futurism. We could see them in the trailer, as they took advantage of them to show off the katana.

Source: Esports AS

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