Fortnite presents Mega City and other news in the trailer for the new season

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Epic Games is launching a new season of Fortnite this Friday, March 10. Although there was a lot of confusion in recent weeks because the end of the previous one was initially brought forward, it was not until early Friday that the game went into maintenance.

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To whet the appetite of the players, have shown off a gameplay trailer focusing on Mega City, which seems to be the main location of this new season. However, we were also able to see other areas, such as one inspired by feudal Japan.

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As for Mega City, it was already known that it would be a futuristic location and in the trailer they showed that in it there is a series of rails that players can move along and shoot their enemiesproviding that frantic touch that players love.

Also vehicles have a special weight. At the moment they have shown us motorcycles and sports cars and sometimes it seems that there will be vehicles that are not driven by players, as is the case with a taxi that moves out of the way so as not to get in the way of the chase.

As for the area of ​​Asian inspiration, one very special weapon stands out: it is a katana. It allows the player to load and it had already appeared in the leaks. It’s very similar to the swords – which it seems will be – that players were able to use during the KID LAROI concert in January.

Although the battle pass has had its own trailer, the skins have also had their star appearance. Eren Jaeger, the protagonist of Attack on Titan, appears in it, but the most interesting thing is that the characteristic Three-Dimensional Maneuver Team will also be part of the season used by the military in the series.

The season starts in a few hours and all the news can be found, as always, on Movistar eSports.

Source: Esports AS

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