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Fortnite is getting its own Unreal editor: endless free mods


Many people know that Epic Games is the owner and creator of Fortnite, one of the most successful games of the past decade, who took the game to the next level and created a cultural product that will be studied in the future.

But Epic Games is also one of the major graphic engine developers in the world, with the famous Unreal Engine being the main backer of its work in this regard.

Add those two together and you have an idea that could revolutionize the world of video games within a few years. Epic Games has officially announced Unreal Motor Fortnite (UEFN)a free application with endless possibilities.

This new graphics engine, developed by Epic Games, will serve to create experiences within Fortnite, included gamessomething similar to what can be done in Roblox.


UEFN works in parallel with the existing Fortnite Creative toolset, and teams of creators can collaborate across PC and console to develop and test islands in real time.

This UEFN will have many Unreal Engine 5 tools and workflows available to everyone, be it modeling, scenery, VFX effects and even programming language.

What can be done in UEFN?

  • Create custom content with modeling tools and materials.
  • Import meshes, textures, animation and audio.
  • Use Niagara to create VFX effects.
  • Animate with control rigs and sequencer.
  • Design gameplay with Verse.
  • Build landscapes to create environments.
  • Create better experiences with World Partition.
  • Use Fab to discover and import resources.
  • Use live editing to collaborate with more people in real time.
  • Integrated version control to work with Skein.

I mean it’s sort of free editor in which we can create any experience in Fortnite, such as a series of garlands based on the squid game. ring a bell?

Because yes, this is opening a new world in Fortnite: Imagine making some kind of Garry’s Mod mixed with Minecraft, Fortnite itself and a Fall Guys, all with this new graphics engine, and creating servers to play something specific.

The release is scheduled for the next March 22, 2023which cements itself as a historic launch for Epic Games as it could be a before and after in the modern video game development industry.

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