Activision begins suing Fortnite maps for copyright

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The release of Fortnite Creative 2.0 with the new unreal fortune It was something historic for the industry and a step forward for the Epic Games game, which continues to innovate and make a name for itself in video game history.

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The fact that anyone can access the map editor, create a unique experience and share it with the community and friends is incredible, but that other video games can be recreated is already surreal.

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Many of them are original ideas and others are direct inspirations, such as Mario Kart or Fall Guys, although some are start to cause serious problems in terms of royaltyas happened with duty.

One of the cards that became most popular when this Creative 2.0 came out was the call CoD Modern Warfare 2 RUSTa map inspired by this game that mimicked the popular one shooter in Fortnite.

Activision, owner of the CoD franchise, has already started taking legal action and has kindly requested the mapmakers, inspired by his game, to Get rid of them or they’ll start suing legally.

Jake Lucky says some card makers have received emails asking them to cancel all of these cards, also confirming that the royalty you will be chased if the map is similar to CoD. Like him Rust if zombie have been removed.

Jake himself trusts that these map makers use originality to design game modes that are inspired by CoD, but are not a copy to cross the barrier of to copy.

This obviously carries over to other games like GTA, Mario Kart or Minecraft as the companies that own these games could sue the maps if they are clearly copies of the original games.

Source: Esports AS

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