Why did Lolito disappear from Twitch? It’s been 4 months without streaming

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End of 2021, Lolito Fernández returned to Twitch. He did it with a viral rap that was on everyone’s lips and regardless of its quality, he achieved the goal: to get Lolito back in the mainstream and in his house, the purple platform.

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The popular pennant from Fortnite, Rust or H1Z1, games in which he is considered a real monster for his skill in shooterreturned after his adventure in Facebook Gaming and it looked like he would be among the greatest again.

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Lolito's mysterious message on the air

Lolito’s mysterious message on the air

Eventually, Lolito Fernández left Twitch with over 1 million followers and was one of the most viewed content creators of the time. While he didn’t do too badly on Facebook, his trail disappeared on Twitch after the success of other creators. .

However, his return was not as expected because almost no content aired or at least not as people had imagined: few flowvery intermittent and most importantly, he didn’t take advantage of Evening 2 where he fought to do directly on Twitch.

So to his last streamHe December 4, 2022a fateful date for many of Lolito’s followers who have since lost their pennant and anxiously awaits your return.

Why isn’t Lolito coming back?

Although Lolito has not said the exact reasons for his disappearance, he has left messages on social networks proving that not good and what do you need being away from the world.

In February he confirmed that he was struggling to change and improve his life and his mind, so it would be something psychological and in which we gave all the support and strength to the good Lolito.

In March, he assured that if Counter-Strike 2 came out this year, he’d be airing content again, and all Valve’s News of the Year has been confirmedMaybe we’ll see Lolo take pictures this summer.

It is even possible that Lolito will return for that, as the man from Malaga really liked the tournament that Rubius hosted in Fortnite and it is possible that there will be more of this type, so a return of Lolito in Fortnite would be spectacular.

Source: Esports AS

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