All the news from Season 3 of Chapter 4 Fortnite

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Epic Games launched Season 3 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite on Friday, June 9, titled ‘Wild Lands’. This nickname is due to the fact that the center of the island has sunk, creating a jungle that opens up many new possibilities.

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So there will be a new type of vehicle. rather it is one as they are velociraptors who will camp through the jungle. There will also be eggs that you can wait for to hatch to stay with the velociraptor that hatches.

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Moving on to the mechanics of the terrain, being a jungle there is a lot of humidity and that means mud. The mud allows you to slide through it to gain speed and camouflage yourself. But if the bottom isn’t your thing, you can enjoy it too displacing lianas, with an effect identical to that of the rails.

In fact, this new season promises to be more vertical than ever since then you will be able to climb the trees and attack the rivals from above. The vegetation, how could it be otherwise, will be the protagonist and there will be three types of flowers that allow you to obtain different benefits.

There are also new weapons: the Thermal Designated Marksman Rifle, Circle Magazine Rifle, Kinetic Boomerang, Cybertron Cannon and Jar of Wild Wasps, which has a curious mechanic: you can catch a wasp and then throw it at an enemy, although it can turn on you. If someone attacks you, cover yourself with mud or jump into the water. On the other side, the Barrel Shotgun and the Combat Submachine Gun return from the room.

As for the increase in reality, below we list all the new ones and their effects:

  • wild company: Gain thermal vision and regenerate health while riding an animal.
  • Army of wild wasps: You get jars of wasps and with every elimination you get another one.
  • a little nudge: You get the high effect when you use vines, ziplines, elevators and sliders.
  • slide cartridges: You get shotgun shells when you slide.
  • Shotgun quick reload.
  • Radical rifle reload: They reload much faster with an empty magazine.
  • Medium ammunition supply: You immediately get medium ammunition and an extra amount when opening containers.

The contracts get a little finishing touch and are now the job boards. Each time you interact with a board there are three different commands and a contract is included. Complete them to get bars. Finally, there is a small name change: the tops leave this nomination to be officially called ‘Tools for harvesting‘.

Source: Esports AS

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