Lolito reappears on networks and announces that he wants to return soon

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a few months ago we have talked of Lolito’s absence from the world streamone of the biggest content creators in recent years having been out of the industry for just over half a year.

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Things have not changed and the man from Malaga continues to take refuge in himself, far from controversial, direct, gameplays and everything related to the world streamwith the sole aim of 100% recovery.

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Lolito Fernández: 4 months without content on Twitch

Lolito Fernández: 4 months without content on Twitch
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And it is that despite the fact that we do not know what happens to Lolito, nor are we going to tell out of respect for her person, the truth is that she has dropped several tweet that he needs to recover physically and mentally, especially this second.

Your whole community misses you head shotstheir reactions, their aggressiveness during play and their affection with people and lolito knowsso he sent one new message to all his followers via Twitter.

lolo He has confirmed that he wants to return soon but will not until he is 100% recovered and thanks everyone who continues to remember him despite being gone for over half a year.

His last live on Twitch was on December 4th and that still has a year to go and though he missed Bellum Rusta perfect series for him, maybe we’ll see him again with CS2 or another event garlands.

Whatever it is, we’re sending all the best encouragement to Lolito, a pennant who got a lot hate throughout his career and that all he deserves is to finally be good with himself and everything around him.

Source: Esports AS

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