From Fortnite to VALORANT thanks to Team Heretics: benjyfishy joins TheGrefg

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Fate has wanted to bring together two figures who have Fortnite in their hearts and to whom they owe everything within the esports and gaming sector. stream. And although they come together in a somewhat peculiar way, the reality is what it is.

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NOt so long ago, DeGrefg showed up from his side caster in Fortnite professional FNCS game commentary and game sharing with benjyfishywith which he made a video with the football player Aubameyang.

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Benjyfishy is a professional gamer who has devoted more than 4 years of his life to competitions in Fortnite, in which he won, according to liquidpedianearly $600,000 in prize money and another cash prize with his contract with NRG.

Now he has left Fortnite, but not to live as a creator or any other aspect of life, but to rejoin TheGrefgalbeit in a different way, as they will now have an “employee and boss” relationship.

And it’s that Team Heretics signed Benjyfishy to participate in VALORANT, his 2nd professional competition in his career and at only 19 years old, teaming up with Keloqz, mixwell AvovA and Boo to seek success in the VCT.

The English player has hardly any experience in the VALORANT professional, but he will definitely show his skills in the shooter just like he demonstrated them at the top world level of Fortnite.

In fact, within a few days Team Heretics will compete in the VCT Last Chance Qualifier to compete in the VALORANT Champions, with other teams such as KOI or Giants seeking one of two final tournament spots.

Source: Esports AS

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