Rosalia and her ‘bizcochito’ arrive at Fortnite

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Fortnite it points to everything. As of today, users were already accustomed to all kinds of collaborations and skins that ranged from John Wick or Superman even characters Brandon Sanderson. The music also played a key role.

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In recent years, concerts by music personalities such as Ariana Grande, Diplo or Travis Scott who in their day had no qualms about jumping on the screen and offering their music in the game.

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Now the next one with a hole in the epic shooter are pink whose dance emote’B.izcochito coming to the game soon. In this way, and thanks to this emote, players can make their way around the map with the dance of the Catalan artist.

Rumors of a collaboration between the artist and Fortnite they come a long way Especially since 2019 when it was already theorized about what complete skin is Rosalya in Fortnite. That’s where the rumor ended up staying, though there was no shortage of those who frantically demanded it.

Now that their dance is about to hit the game, it’s likely that this one rumours regain their strength and, how could it be otherwise, there will be those who wait anxiously a possible concert of the singer following in the footsteps of other fellow artists within the game.

The artist has already participated Fortnite with J. Balvin in the concert offered by the musician along with other artists.

In addition, the number was already published in 2022 vehicle radios which no doubt foreshadowed what was to come months later.

Whatever happens in the future, what we can confirm is that the game servers will fill up in the coming days with players “practicing” the game. cake. It’s going to be interesting this summer.

Source: Esports AS

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