Ninja and his privileged contract with Twitch confirmed by the CEO

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It’s been a long, long time Ninja is not the almighty god of streambut rather a living legend of content creation that today is a fifth of what it was.

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And this is normal, natural and obvious: the rhythm of Ninja at that time was so difficult to maintain that, with the appearance of new figures and stars, his reign fell, despite the fact that he was still under pressure. the most followed in the world.

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The popular North American content creator had his best moment between 2018 and 2011. He was the largest in the world, dominating the platform record after record, with an all-time high of 616,693 people ahead of him.

Currently, Ninja is one pennant big, with averages of 9,400 people and peaks of 13,750 in the last month, data any content creator would want on their channel, but for a titan like him, it sounds low.

However, this did not rob Ninja have an exclusive and privileged contract on Twitchas confirmed by Dan Clancy, the CEO of the purple platform who usually answers questions live.

It turns out that Ninja is the only pennant with permission from Twitch to create cross-platform content or at least the first one confirmed to be able to do so publicly.

This is prohibited by Twitch rules* and whatever pennant risks losing the verified person and getting a heavy penalty unless you are a ninja and can do this stream on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok or even Kick.

*Yes, content can be broadcast on other mobile platforms.

Ninja will stay for a while

Ninja will stay for a while

A few months ago, Ninja said Twitch wouldn’t allow him and now it turns out they can. They were? And most importantly: Twitch: Why can’t the rest do it?

Many creators would grow tremendously if they could push a button and run on multiple platforms at the same time, but right now that’s not possible, although Dan has also assured that “they’re working on it”.

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