Epilepsy? Another source claims Grand Theft Auto IV will have a remaster | level up

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Due to the release Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Ultimate Editionmany players hope Rockstar is encouraged to return Grand Theft Auto IV. Several insiders have talked about it and their predictions are positive as they believe the game in question will be a remaster.

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Rockstar hasn’t confirmed anything about it, and some reputable sources haven’t heard anything about this possible project, so fans are slowly losing hope. However, another insider has again added to the hype, as he claims the remaster is in development and has revealed the details of its release.

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Insider rekindles hopes of seeing a remaster of the game Grand Theft Auto IV

The new information comes primarily from Ocean View, an insider who is dedicated to sharing information about Rockstar games. This week, he used his social media to increase the hype from his fans. Grand Theft Auto IVbecause it sparked hopes of seeing a remaster.

Ocean View has shared details that other insiders have already revealed, such as the project that will allegedly arrive on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X in 2023 | S, Xbox One and PC. He also reiterated that Liberty City episodesbut it would be without a multiplayer component.

He added that the remaster will have HD textures and the goal is to shoot at 60fps. Some people were skeptical of this new relationship, believing that Rockstar would be betting on the next major chapter of the saga.

There are fans who believe that the company will do both projects and that the remaster of the game will be released. Grand Theft Auto IV It will be the next step for the franchise. As we said, nothing has been confirmed, so we advise you to take this information as another rumor.

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We recommend that you access this link to find out all the news on the subject. Grand Theft Auto.

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