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The mod scene on PC is great and has been shaped by the passionate work of many gamers who have proven it’s possible to go beyond the final release provided by companies and studios. In general, this scene is tolerated by companies and in some cases supported, but it is also a reason for actions against the user by others, and this time Take-Two “for a change” ruins the fun.

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Take-Two has done it again

a relationship player He confirmed that Take-Two Interactive’s notice of the end of traditional operations was sent to Luke Ross, a creator who has gained traction in recent years thanks to the making of mods that let you play titles such as: Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 S. Mafia on virtual reality devices. The company’s action has been cataloged as “anti-consumer and anti-player” by the creative, but the detail may be that it has a project on Patreon that it has received resources and support for to create these mods. Profit with intellectual property not authorized by the legitimate owner. The above has been confirmed by Flat2VR, one of the video game and virtual reality enthusiast communities:

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According to Luke Ross, who claims to be inexperienced in these legal matters, Take-Two’s decision feels wrong to him because the code and software for their mods are his own creation and don’t take anything away from the company’s original video game code. . In fact, he points out that for his mods to work, each game must have an original copy, so he believes he isn’t exploiting an economic advantage by exploiting intellectual property that doesn’t belong to him.

However, one of the legal principles that has existed for decades regarding this type of work is that modifying it is also a copyright infringement, so Take-Two may be the basis I would argue for taking action against these mods. play. Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 S. Mafia on virtual reality devices.

It’s not the first time Take-Two has taken action against the modder community, as in previous cases it has ruined the work and efforts of enthusiasts trying to improve deliveries or give deliveries a special touch, for example Grand Theft Auto.

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