GTA Online will let you fight crime in a new update | level up

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GTA Online this is a gold mine. That’s why it’s survived on 3 generations of consoles and why isn’t Rockstar Games intent on abandoning it, even though it’s supply oriented. Grand Theft Auto 6. In fact, the company has already announced some news coming to online games, and one of them will keep you on the side of the law if you wish.

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In a recent statement, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is still working on new features. GTA Online. Thanks to this, he was able to predict a new update to his online component. Grand Theft Auto V in the next few weeks.

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One of the new features of the next update for GTA Online On a contact mission. These are missions where players perform certain tasks and receive rewards for completing them.

The interesting thing is that among the new quests there are some quests that will allow you to join the IAA. In case you didn’t know, this is a world class research organization. Grand Theft Auto Something like the CIA in the United States.

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