Rockstar Recognizes Grand Theft Auto 6 Should “Exceed Gamers’ Expectations” | level up

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Rockstar Games is already running Grand Theft Auto 6. This is something the company confirmed months ago and now reaffirms by announcing. Red Dead online will be sacrificed in exchange for more resources being allocated to the new slice. This is sad for some, but exciting for others, as Rockstar has made it clear that they understand that players must exceed their expectations. Grand Theft Auto 6.

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In a statement describing this Red Dead online these resources will no longer be actively supported to be spent Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games talked about their next game. On the air, he admitted that it was 10 years after its premiere. GTA Vthey are already working on a new one Grand Theft Auto and they want it to be a very special project.

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According to Rockstar Games, the reason they invested more resources Grand Theft Auto 6 because they understand “more than ever” that this version is bound to exceed players’ expectations. That way, they work to make the best game possible.

“We’ve diverted development resources to the next chapter in the series over the past few years. Grand Theft AutoMore than ever, Rockstar Games understands the need to exceed player expectations and make this installment the best it can be.”

Source: Level Up

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