GTA Online: Criminal Business Adds New Free Missions, Tools and Various Improvements | level up

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Rockstar Games wants you GTA Onlinemultiplayer component Grand Theft Auto V, keep growing. So today, July 26, 2022, released a new update, Criminal Business. GTA Online It gets many new features, including new free missions, tools, and various improvements.

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In Criminal Business, a heatwave hit Los Santos at the worst possible time, as fuel prices are also rising and people are struggling financially. Many people faced with this situation see criminal activities as an alternative to making money.

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“A heatwave is hitting Los Santos and Blaine County, but summer temperatures aren’t the only record-breaking thing: Fuel price spikes are tipping the economic balance in favor of the underworld, which means new opportunities for senior management, motorcycle clubs. nightclubs and gun-running businesses,” said Rockstar Games. “On the other hand, the IAA suspects that the Duggans, a family of petrochemical industry moguls, have something to do with the rapidly rising fuel prices, even though they need the help of skilled independent agents to get there to the fullest”.

This is the context of Crime Business, but what innovations does it bring? GTA Online? As mentioned above, it includes new free missions along with tools and other improvements that you’re sure to appreciate.

Source: Level Up

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