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Grand Theft Auto 6, unintentionally, or maybe yes, it has become the target of millions of players worldwide, and although several major releases are under development and there is already a release date, the community believes Rockstar’s new game will be a point and a piece of its own. . Much has been said and speculated, with some emphasizing that this is a very ambitious project, others a little more limited than it is. GTA V but it seems that reality corresponds to the first point of view.

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Aims to rewrite history with Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 6

Take-Two Interactive presented its financial report, and at an investor meeting, CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about what’s expected. Grand Theft Auto 6. As part of the wave of gossip circulating in recent months, the entrepreneur had no choice but to refer to the game that has been in development for years, but he took the opportunity to drop a tip that was undoubtedly exciting, so it may be. Coming to Rockstar Games.

“Rockstar Games is once again committed to setting creative standards for series, our industry and all entertainment” – Strauss Zelnick

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apparently new GTA Aims to exceed the limits set by Rockstar GTA Vbut it also wants to go beyond the industry and become a reference for entertainment in general: “with the development of the next installment in the series. Grand Theft Auto The ongoing Rockstar Games team is once again committed to setting creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and all of the entertainment, just as the brand has done with each of its top-of-the-line releases. ”

Now, the question is in the interpretation of these words, because a new GTA being old is not enough to manage these ambitious plans. Instead, the idea will be in terms of design and implementation. Recently, rumors have surfaced that this episode will tackle 3 cities and 4 heroes at one point, but that was all going to change.

Likewise, the expectation is in the kind of humor and clichés that Rockstar Games will include in the new series. GTA Well, throughout its history there has been a franchise that stands out for it as well.

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