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Online gaming experiences aren’t exactly moments of peace and harmony, they are quite the opposite, and anonymity may be the right condition for some gamers to reveal their worst things to express. These days, the generation gap in tastes seems to be widening more than ever, and yes, a new generation of gamers will still see their elders as old, even in the early 1930s.

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players GTA Online 32 year old player they say

strange case Grand Theft Auto V and online component GTA Online It can serve to explain the passage and changes of time in video games. The original delivery was released in 2013, and in the process of entering the 9th, 2nd generation saw the console debut, they obviously presented themselves to them. The above is the context of the story that a 32-year-old gamer shared on reddit because he decided to come back a few years later. GTA Online he only took jokes and insults to enjoy a bit of robbery with the community, but not being “nice” with other users who are much younger than him.

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community GTA Online supported the actor and showed him that he still had a lot to play.

According to this actor, the session partners insisted that he was too old to play video games. GTA Onlinethis made him feel bad and he decided to quit the game.

Taking advantage of the fact that online forums can be an outlet, he told his story and asked the community if he was really too old. GTA Online. The response was very positive for him, as gamers of all ages reminded him that there is no limit to enjoying a good video game and that if he enjoys a game in particular, he should just keep going regardless of what others say. .

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