ELDEN RING and GTA V on Xbox Game Pass? Don’t get excited | level up

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Microsoft has made it clear that it has been betting heavily on Xbox Game Pass in recent years. The subscription service is constantly replenishing its catalog not only with indies, but also with huge hits. Microsoft recently suggested this RINGS FROM HAND S. Grand Theft Auto V there would be new additions but is it true?

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Hours ago, fans made some interesting discoveries on the official Xbox Cloud Gaming website. It turns out that the Game Pass badge is present, indicating that not only will the game be playable as part of this company’s streaming service, but Bandai Namco’s game will also be part of Xbox Game Pass. The same thing happened with the titles. Spirit Hacker 2 and even Grand Theft Auto VProminent fans predict that Microsoft may soon announce the addition of these games at a big event like gamescom 2022.

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It was all a Microsoft mistake

However, the mystery and excitement of Xbox Game Pass users did not last long, as hours later Xbox came out to clear their doubts and announced that it was a bug, and it has now been fixed (via). Eurogamer).

Therefore, at the time of publication of the note, RINGS FROM HAND nor Spirit Hacker 2 nor Grand Theft Auto V.

However, none of these games are coming to Xbox Game Pass, or at least unofficially.

Source: Level Up

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