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It’s not Rockstar after all. Part of the community thinks so after one of its creators. Grand Theft Auto Attacked Rockstar Games after the company cracked down on IP materials posted online.

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co-creator GTA Angry at Rockstar Games

Earlier in the day, programmer and former co-creator Mike Dailly Grand Theft Auto As part of Scottish studio DMA Design, he posted a message against Rockstar Games on his Twitter account, making sure the company has filed a complaint for the use of copyrighted material affecting the last 2 videos posted on the internet. account Grand Theft Auto In the mid-1990s, at a time when the studio was known for its film franchise. lemming.

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“I see Rockstar has switched back to c*bron mode and has issued copyright strikes for any video. GTA You can find my 2 prototype videos included. So now they’re trying to block broadcasts and old development footage from people who have worked on a video game.”

Later, the community shared information that 2 related Mike Dailly videos are on the Wayback Machine, a platform that serves as a source of information and backup for all kinds of material that would otherwise be impossible to access for enthusiasts. To review in today’s internet age.

Unfortunately, the material shared by Mike Dailly is something he worked on while creating it though. Grand Theft AutoUnless previously agreed, anything developed and published within a company is known to be owned by that company. In this case, the annoyance is skipped by the notification from Rockstar Games because these are not videos that Dailylly wants to profit from.

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