Mod improves GTA V’s graphics to make them photorealistic | level up

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Grand Theft Auto V It’s a great game, but it could have been better. That’s why fans are working to deliver things that leave us speechless. By the way, there is already a mod that improves the graphics of the game. Grand Theft Auto V to the point of turning it into a photorealistic looking game.

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We are talking about NaturalVision Evolved, mod Grand Theft Auto V which can now be downloaded for free. It is a mod available as early access from 2020, but now has a full version.

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But what does NaturalVision Evolved do? It is a mod that improves lighting, ambient colors, textures and patterns. Grand Theft Auto Vas well as offering renewed climatic effects. With the graphics above Grand Theft Auto V They are close to photorealism.

Want to see how NaturalVision Evolved looks in action? Check it out in the trailer below:

Source: Level Up

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