Hogwarts Legacy wins Gamescom award

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The legacy of Hogwarts is undeniable One of the most anticipated games until 2023. Fans of the Harry Potter universe have the opportunity to enjoy an open-world adventure that aims to be the most comprehensive adventure ever for IP. Its presence at Gamescom was brief but intense, with new gameplay that left us wanting more. This allowed the title to receive a Gamescom award For the best trailer the whole fair.

Hogwarts Legacy was not an easy title to develop experienced several delays Since its announcement in 2020. As a game of huge proportions, the development challenges have multiplied and this has forced the team to spend more time making sure everything was running smoothly from day one.

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Hogwarts Legacy Wins Best Fair Trailer Award at Gamescom

Every New Hogwarts Legacy Video We See We present new details What awaits us at Hogwarts Academy of Magic? It seems that the title is very complete and during our adventure we will have many missions and enemies to defeat. Everything indicates that we will hear about Hogwarts Legacy very soon. A few days ago the technical specifications of the PC version were detailed.

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Another big detail that Warner’s title will have is that it will be fully dubbed and translated into Spanish. This includes a lot of detail from the development team and Shows the ambition of the studio To reach as many people as possible. We can only hope that the game will not experience further delays so that we can enjoy an adventure that is meant to be unforgettable in 2023.

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