Exclusive Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation content will be exclusive for one year

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Just a few hours ago, the long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy reappeared with a new trailer. Trailer focusing on a mission that will unfortunately be exclusive to PlayStation systems. Now we know Exclusive Hogwarts Legacy content will be exclusive to PlayStation for a yearTherefore, customers who purchased the game on Xbox or PC will have to wait twelve months to access the aforementioned mission and other features that will be exclusive to Sony’s consoles for now. approved Rebs Gaming user via Twitter account.

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this Exclusive content This is Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation:

  • Hogsmeade Haunted Shop Special Mission.
  • extra buttocks
  • Set of cosmetics.
  • A specialty store that sells items at a better price than anyone else.
  • A recipe for Felix Felice’s potion temporarily showing the location of the round.

Will Quidditch play a role in Hogwarts Legacy? The avalanche responds

All this content will be exclusive Until February 10, 2024, one year after the official release of the game on all platforms. It’s a trick that Sony has used to attract an additional audience with one of the most anticipated video games by the public. Whether that will be enough remains to be seen, but it certainly is. Xbox and PC users They will be exempt from this content for twelve months after launch.

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Source: Somos Xbox

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