League of LegendsLoL: See icons, illustrations, chromas and animations of Worlds 2021 EDG skins Shortly after showing off the official Worlds 2021 EDG skins art, Riot revealed what they looked like in League of Legends. Also… Bruno Rodrigues 26 April 2022

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Shortly after showing the official skin art EDG by Worlds 2021, Riot revealed how they got on in League of Legends. In addition, the company revealed details about the team icons, player signatures, animations, borders and other cosmetics included in the pack.

The choices were as follows: Graves (Flanders), Viego (Jiejie), Zoe (Scout), Aphelios (Viper) and Yuumi (Meiko). Check out the skins in LoL below:

Skin Spatter Art

Image of EDG Worlds 2021 skins in LoL
(Image: Publicity/riot)
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On Weibo, they were shown what the loading screens of each EDG skin will look like, as well as player signatures on the art. Look:

Image of EDG Worlds 2021 sskins frames, skins and signatures
(Image: Publicity/Weibo)

EDG skins chromas

Chromas of Worlds 2021 EDG skins (Image: Handout/Riot)

EDG Worlds 2021 Icons

(Image: Publicity/riot)

Player icons:

(Image: Publicity/riot)
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Some action figures from Worlds 2021 EDG skins will also be released:

Action Figures from EDD Worlds 2021 Skins
(Image: Publicity/riot)

EDG skins are expected to arrive on the LoL server in patch 12.9, scheduled for May 11, the day after the launch of MSI 2022. The patch will also be the arrival of Taliyah’s mini-rework.

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Source: Mais Esports

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