The LVP settles the issue of Guasones vs Rebels: there will be no remake of the final

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It’s a shame that the Grand Final of the Superliga Segunda is causing several days of discussion (and what’s left) and it’s not because of the level of the players or the games (which could be perfect), but because of the controversy that has caused by breaks and technical failures.

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We already told you that yesterday rebels an official statement released after the unfavorable situation the team experienced in the 5th map of the Second Super League grand final, although it seems that it will not help at all.

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The famous break and the statement of the rebels on the morning of August 17

The famous break and the statement of the rebels on the morning of August 17
/ Super League (background) | Release: Rebels

A few hours after the rebels’ statement, specifically at 7:25 PM Spanish Peninsula time, LVP gave his take on what happened in the grand finale through a official resolution on your website.

In the document, the PRS states that the organization has no obligation to remake of the 5th map and the final in general, and making sure that the computer technical problems it is not their duty and that organizations should ensure a good internet.

The problem is that in the minutes of the match, the LVP adds several inconsistencies to what happened, such as the minute it was paused, the person who stopped the match, and the fact that there were no incidents by the referee, when they say yes in the statement.

According to the LVP, against the referee of the LVP the customer was frozen just like the Rebels players crashed and said he couldn’t pause the game and that’s why the Jokers players had to pause the map.

The statement left no one indifferent and has more than 350 reactions between quotes and comments, in addition to provoking a flood of hatred and negative opinions towards the PRS and his way of managing what happened.

The LVP is not expected to comment further on the matter, although Jokers and Rebels may release a statement to settle the matter once and for all, but that’s not the main problem.

The problem is that this could happen again in promotion stage to Superliga or in another competition onlinestaring directly at the LVP and their referee team.

Source: Esports AS

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